Cyber Insurance For Gamers Press Kit

The Future Of Cyber Insurance Is Here, And It's All About Gamers

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When these happen...

Cyber Attacks & Cyber Failure

Cyber Attacks

When someone maliciously or fraudulently does any of the following with your electronic data or electronic device: gets into it without your permission; tampers with it; inserts harmful code, such as a virus or ransomware; or stops you from using it.

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Cyber Failure

1. A mistake that you—or someone acting on your behalf—makes that impacts your electronic data or electronic device. This could include using the wrong program or settings. 2. Mistakes in valid code, or damage from code that someone installs on your electronic device during the manufacturing, maintenance, or upgrade process.

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Your Policy May Provide...

Electronic Data Restoration

Electronic Data Restoration

We will pay the resulting reasonable and necessary costs to restore your electronic data damaged by a cyber attack or a cyber failure, as long as the damaged electronic data was previously stored on an electronic device in your possessions or on your premises. Additional exclusions may apply.

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Your electronic data may include:
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Downloaded Video Games, Movies, Music
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DLC (Downloadable Content)
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In-Game Content purchased such as: Character Skins, Costumes, Weapon Packs, Season Passes/Map Packs
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Your Policy May Provide...

Electronic Device Replacement

Electronic Device Replacement

We will pay the resulting reasonable and necessary costs to replace or fix your electronic device that was damaged by a cyber attack or a cyber failure while it was in your possession or on your premises. These costs do not include upgrading your device. Additional exclusions may apply.

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These devices may include:
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Laptops, Computers, Gaming PCs
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Mobile phones
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Gaming Consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox, Steam Decks
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Above Are Only Summaries!

Warning: our fine print is so good-looking, it may distract you from your gaming! But please try to focus, because coverage is subject to terms, conditions, and limits. We strongly encourage you to review the sample policy! You can access it below. Cyber Insurance for Gamers is available in select states.

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Gamers Are Impacted More Than Ever

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Nearly 1 in 2 Gamers Have Experienced Cyber Attacks


American gamers lose more than $744 on average


Gamers say they were impacted financially as a result of cyberattacks


American gamers admit they worry gaming will become less secure in the future


“We are thrilled to broaden our partnership with Waffle and provide the gaming community with cyber insurance that not only protects their financial investments in digital gaming assets, but also keeps their focus on getting to the next-level and venturing boldly into the virtual world”

Laura headshot

Laura Bennett

President of the North America Digital Consumer Division at Chubb

“Gaming is one of my go-to activities for relaxing, and the last thing I want to deal with are hackers stealing my account. Personally, I lost my COD: Warzone account to hackers, and I just lost my interest to grind through the achievements and unlocks again. Many of my friends had similar experiences. Cyber insurance for gaming can remove this frustration and allow me to game in peace”

michael li headshot

Michael Li

Chief Data Officer

“From Zelda to Call of Duty with every Witcher, FIFA and 2048 in between, we live and breathe gaming. As gamers, we know firsthand the thrill of exploring new worlds and achieving epic victories within our favorite games. We also understand the gut-wrenching feeling of losing everything in an instant because of a cyberattack. Whether it's our digital game collection or cherished in-game purchases, these are more than just virtual assets – they represent the time and effort we've invested into our passion. That's why we teamed up with Blink by Chubb to bring personalized cyber protection to fellow gamers. We're on a mission to empower gamers to play fearlessly and protect what matters most to them”

quentin headshot

Quentin Coolen

Chief executive officer

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