Renter's Insurance.
Starting around $10/Month

Your designer jacket? To the fire spreading across the hall, it just burns a bit slower than your jeans. There is someone who'd truly appreciate it, though. A burglar. Whichever comes first, stay protected through Waffle.

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Our Renter's Insurance is underwritten by Boost by Markel.

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Your coverage includes...

Stolen or Damaged Belongings

You’re protected against burglary, fire, lightning, tornadoes, hail damage, explosions, smoke, and vandalism, among other things.


As part of your Liability coverage, you're also covered for certain costs in this category, up to your set policy limits. This includes medical payments & property damage payments to others.

Your Life Expenses

If the property you rent becomes uninhabitable. That could include hotel bills, meals, and other expenses that you rack-up while maintaining your usual living standards.

Replacement Cost

Replacement costs covers the full cost to either repair an item or buy a new one. Without the option, the base policy uses actual cash value which is equal to the replacement cost less depreciation.

Damages You're Legally Required to Pay For

That means bodily injury that happens to others at the rental property and/or property damages.

Theft Protection

Theft Protection covers your stuff if it's damaged or stolen at home or while out and about. Please note that exclusions apply to certain items.

Why do you need Renter's Insurance?

1.7 mins

A robbery occurs every 1.7 minutes in the United States.

250 gal

Even the smallest crack in a pipe can spill 250 gallons of water a day.

$12.3 bil

Structure fires caused $12.3 billion in property damage in 2019.

The fine print.
So good-looking, you should probably read it twice.

(1) This Program will have a credit for a preferred property in most states. To be eligible for the Preferred Property credit, the property must meet one of the following:

* Lease or rental agreement provisions require residents to have renters insurance; or
* Apartment community must meet the following criteria: Property must be more than 100 units at the same location. Property must have a paid resident manager living on site. Property must be well maintained with no special hazards and professionally managed. Gated security or other community protection measures may be required in urban areas. Facility age should not exceed 20 years without substantial updating.

(2) Includes a $1,000 wind/hail deductible. A wind deductible is not allowed in AR, CT, GA, NY, NJ, or OK.