Is dental disease covered in pet insurance policies?

Yes, dental disease is often covered in pet insurance policies. Many pet insurance providers offer coverage for dental procedures, including cleanings, extractions, and other treatments related to dental disease.

However, the extent of dental coverage can vary widely among policies. Some policies may have exclusions for certain dental procedures or limit coverage to a certain dollar amount per year. Additionally, some policies may require a waiting period before dental coverage kicks in.

When shopping for pet insurance, it's important to carefully review the policy's coverage for dental care. Look for policies that offer comprehensive dental coverage with no exclusions or limitations. It's also important to understand any waiting periods or deductibles associated with dental coverage.

Regular dental care is an important part of maintaining your pet's overall health, as dental disease can lead to more serious health issues if left untreated. By having pet insurance that covers dental procedures, you can help ensure that your pet receives the necessary care to maintain good oral health.

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