Will the renters insurance renewal premium be increased if a claim is made?

It's possible that your renters insurance renewal premium could be increased if you make a claim. Insurance companies use a variety of factors to determine premium rates, including the likelihood that a policyholder will file a claim in the future. If you file a claim, the insurance company may view you as a higher risk and adjust your premium rate accordingly.

However, not all claims will necessarily result in a premium increase. For example, if you file a claim for a minor incident such as a broken window or a stolen bicycle, your insurance company may not raise your premium. On the other hand, if you file multiple claims in a short period of time or file a claim for a large amount of damages, your premium rate may be increased.

It's important to carefully consider whether or not to file a claim, especially for smaller incidents, as it could impact your future premium rates. Additionally, it's a good idea to review your policy regularly and shop around for the best rates to ensure that you are getting the most competitive price for your coverage.

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