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When it comes to insurance, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we built Waffle, so you pay only for the coverage you need. Personalized insurance is here, and it’s here to stay.

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Our Biggest Fans

If you’re wondering if people like our platform, they don’t. They love it.

"The best and the cheapest services available in market. An ideal fit for students who’ve just started working like me. I wouldn’t recommend any other insurance"
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"The prices are unbeatable and it provides the same amount of coverage as any other company does. Super easy and quick process to enroll as well."
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"Quickest company to get insurance! Great, modern insurance company! Easy and fast to set up - makes it a relief to get insurance so quickly! Highly recommend!"
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"My favorite part of my Waffle experience thus far has been my claim adjuster. He has been so helpful and responsive in a timely matter."
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"I was so excited to find an affordable and trusted method of insurance. Thank you so very much!! The website is awesome and all of my questions were thoroughly answered."
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"Should've signed up sooner! Waffle was easy to find, it was affordable and I had everything I need in literally a couple of minutes! Very impressive!"
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What Coverage Can You Get?

Pssstt. The answer is “a lot”!

Secure your home & belongings

Renters Insurance

Your designer jacket? To the fire spreading across the hall, it just burns a bit slower than your jeans. There is someone who'd truly appreciate it, though. A burglar. Stay protected through Waffle.

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Starting around $10/month

Pet Insurance

Hand your phone to your pet and that’s the last time you use that phone. You’re smarter than that, though. Smart enough to know your best friend needs protecting through Waffle.

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Starting at $5/Month

Cyber Insurance

Do one survey for a free gift card and suddenly your info belongs to the highest bidder. Most Liability Policies don't cover expenses tied to hacked or deleted data. Browse safer through Waffle.

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Term Life Insurance

Nobody loves the subject. Sometimes, though, it’s here today, crippling debt for your family tomorrow. You deserve a better legacy. Find the right policy through Waffle.

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homepage renters insurance product dollhouse illustrationhomepage pet insurance dog as a nurse illustrationhomepage personal cyber insurance phishing phone illustrationhomepage term life insurance shield illustration

Coming Soon (Very Soon!)

Stay tuned! These new insurance products are coming to our platform soon. So and you'll be the first in line when they're released!

homepage homeowners insurance hands holding house illustration

Homeowners Insurance

Being a homeowner is a whole new world of responsibility. You're now in charge of everything from the roof over your head to the foundation that holds it up. Homeowner’s Insurance covers your home and belongings in the event of damage or theft.

homepage auto insurance car driving illustration

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a must for anyone who drives a car. Also, we’re not just saying that because it’s legally required in most states (hint hint), but it also protects you financially in case of a car accident. Before you hit the open road, get covered!

homepage travel insurance plane in passport illustration

Travel Insurance

One minute you're enjoying your vacation, and the next you're in the hospital getting stitches. When it comes to travel, you really never know what's going to happen. Travel insurance covers you for things like medical expenses, lost luggage, cancelled or delayed flights, and much more!

umbrella insurance through waffle insurtech startup

Umbrella Insurance

If unexpected costs rain on your parade, umbrella insurance can give you shelter! For those times when other policies don't quite provide enough coverage, this additional policy will be there to pick up the slack - and possibly even save you some money. Don't get caught in a financial downpour without it!

motorcycle insurance through waffle

Motorcycle Insurance

Don't let repair costs ruin the ride! Get your motorcycle insured and save yourself from worrying about a breakdown. With coverage in hand, you can cruise carefree knowing that any unexpected repairs won't be coming out of your pocket. It's an easy decision: get covered so nothing holds you back from living life on two wheels!

Rv insurance through waffle

RV Insurance

Ready to embark on your RV road trip? Don't forget the necessity: RV insurance! Don't let unexpected bumps in the journey break the bank - get smart, protect yourself and save with great rates. Now you can hit that open highway without a worry knowing that both snacks AND savings are accounted for!

How Does Waffle Work?

All Your Insurance In One Place.

Easily customize & manage your insurance policies to your needs with Waffle. Get started today!

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