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Pet Insurance

Unconditional Love,
Unbeatable Coverage

Because your pet's well-being matters most. Simple, comprehensive coverage for your best friend.


More Benefits, Less Worries

Pick Your Vet,
Anywhere In The USA

As long as they have the proper credentials to practice veterinary medicine in the state where they are located, you are free to visit any veterinarian in the United States, as long as that vet is not you!

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Choose Your Preferred Payout Effortlessly

Now you can be reimbursed in the way that suits you best:

ACH/Bank Transfer

Experience Great Pet Care At A Lower Cost

Military Discount - Any current or former military members qualify for up to 10% off!
Multi-Pet Discount - Multi-pet households can get up to 10% off!
Renewal Discount - Get up to 5% off your pet insurance plan when you renew each year.
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Coverage Overview

Your Pet, Our Trusted Coverage

Pet insurance that's dedicated to making every day with your four-legged friend seamless.

*Please note that exclusions apply to certain items and pre-existing conditions are not covered. Please read our sample policy to learn more.

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Benefits Include :

Office Visits
Physical Consultations
Health Inspections
X-Rays, CT Scans, MRIs
Hospitalization & Surgeries
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Illnesses include things like :

Ear Infections
Digestive Problems
And More!
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Wellness Exams
Heartworm Tests
Fecal Exams
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This dental endorsement adds coverage for the following :

Teeth Extractions
Root Canals
And More!
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Lost or Stolen

The lost or stolen endorsement adds coverage for :

Cost for Advertising
Reward Money
Cost Paid For Your Pet
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Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies can assist with behavioral issues: excessive licking, fur pulling, pacing, and destructive chewing. This endorsement adds coverage for :

Chiropractic Care
And More!

Frequently asked questions

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What if my pet is already sick?
How do I file a pet insurance claim?
Are there waiting periods after I sign up?
Do you cover other pets besides dogs & cats?