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Starting around $10 /Month
Your designer jacket? To the fire spreading across the hall, it just burns a bit slower than your jeans. There is someone who'd truly appreciate it, though. A burglar. Stay protected through Waffle.


Starting at $5/Month
Do one survey for a free gift card and suddenly your info belongs to the highest bidder. Most Liability Policies don't cover expenses tied to hacked or deleted data. Browse safer through Waffle.


Starting at $10/Month*
Hand your phone to your pet and that’s the last time you use that phone. You’re smarter than that, though. Smart enough to know your best friend needs protecting through Waffle.


Starting at $5/Month*
Nobody loves the subject. Sometimes, though, it’s here today, crippling debt for your family tomorrow. You deserve a better legacy. Find the right policy through Waffle.


Starting at $40/Trip
Paris in the spring. Your evening was storybook. He was everything you ever dreamed of. This morning, when you woke up, he was gone. Along with your wallet. Relax, ma chérie, you're covered through Waffle.


Coming Soon!
Next-gen car insurance is on its way! Soon you’ll be back on the road in no time doing what you love. Just don’t leave donuts in the parking lot, we prefer waffles!


Coming Soon!
After going head-to-head with cash offerers, house flippers, and even more to get your dream house. It's now time to protect it with homeowners insurance!

Sick Leave

Coming Soon!
Illness, Injuries, Accidents can take up a lot of your time from work. Make sure you get paid for it!
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