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Do one survey for a free gift card and suddenly your info belongs to the highest bidder. Most liability policies don’t cover expenses tied to hacked & deleted data. Browse safer through Waffle.

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Cyber Attacks Are On the Rise: Are You Prepared?


Hackers attack every 39 seconds on average 2,244 times a day.


The average time to identify a breach in 2019 was 7 months.


90% of data breaches stem from phishing scams.


64% of Americans have never checked to see if they were affected by a data breach.

Coverage For Gamers

When these happen....

Cyber Attacks

When someone maliciously or fraudulently does any of the following with your electronic data or electronic device: gets into it without your permission; tampers with it; inserts harmful code, such as a virus or ransomware; or stops you from using it.

Cyber Failure

1. A mistake that you—or someone acting on your behalf—makes that impacts your electronic data or electronic device. This could include using the wrong program or settings. 2. Mistakes in valid code, or damage from code that someone installs on your electronic device during the manufacturing, maintenance, or upgrade process.

Your Policy May Provide....
Electronic Data Restoration

We will pay the resulting reasonable and necessary costs to restore your electronic data damaged by a cyber attack or a cyber failure, as long as the damaged electronic data was previously stored on an electronic device in your possessions or on your premises. Additional exclusions may apply. Your electronic data may include:
Downloaded Video Games, Movies, Music
DLC (Downloadable Content)
In-Game Content purchased such as: Character Skins, Costumes, Weapon Packs, Season Passes/Map Packs
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electronic device replacement icon

Your Policy May Provide....
Electronic Device Replacement

We will pay the resulting reasonable and necessary costs to replace or fix your electronic device that was damaged by a cyber attack or a cyber failure while it was in your possession or on your premises. These costs do not include upgrading your device. Additional exclusions may apply.
These devices may include:
Laptops, Computers, Gaming PCs
Mobile phones
Gaming Consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox, Steam Decks

When these happen....

Cyber Financial Fraud

Money stolen from your bank account, fraudulent charges on your payment card, tax refund paid to someone else, stolen gaming assets.

Cyber Breach of Privacy

When your private personal information or false information about you is published on the internet.

Identity Theft

An identity theft occurrence means someone illegally uses your identity without your consent.

Deceptive Transfer Fraud

When someone pretending to be a person you do business with misleads you into transferring money to them.

Cyber Bullying

When you are fired, arrested, unable to attend work from a mental injury, or unfairly disciplined an education institution as a victim of repeated online harassment.

Cyber Extortion

When someone threatens to share, destroy, use, or restrict you from using your electronic device or data unless you pay them a ransom.

Your Policy May Provide The Following...

Expenses for Hired Professionals

Fees to pay to hire professionals such as lawyers, digital forensic analyst to help with prosecution, a cyber security consultant, a reputation management firm, and others.

Mental Health Expenses

Related recovery expenses prescribed for you by a mental health professional who is not your family member or yourself.

Lost Wages

Reimbursement for wages you lose during a certain number of days after the cyber event.

Money Back

Money or digital currency paid to the extortionists as ransom, as long as we give permission in advance for the payment.

Relocation Expenses

Expenses for temporary relocation within a certain number of days of the cyber event.

The Fine Print...

So good-looking, you should probably read it twice.
Please note that coverage above is subject to separate limits & exclusions. Read the full sample policy to make sure coverage fits your needs!